Jeans is one of the essential garments in every person’s wardrobe. The history dates back to the gold miners of America who used to wear jeans due to its durability and comfort. Since then, jeans has travelled a long journey, from those miners to today’s streamlined fashion. From late nineteenth century to early twenty first century, jeans has spent a long time span by means of small jeans makers to the well renowned garment manufacturing houses. Companies like Levis and wrangler today are only known for their jeans manufacturing specialization.But those are the days gone and those companies are not only denim jeans manufacturers.

Jeans in Indian scenario was not much popular till early nineties. It was although worn in terms of fashion perspective; regular use was not common as it was then, not associated with comfort. With the wake of nineties and involvement of cloth manufacturing units, new designs and new formations were introduced to the people. In a short span of time, jeans evolved as an essential outfit among people. With decentralization, foreign companies flooded towards country and jeans were adopted not only by youngsters but by the people of all age. Indian cotton industry is always known for its finest cotton especially from Deccan plateau. And we all know, jeans is manufactured by cotton. Because of the availability of such a nice base element, Indian jeans manufacturers had to be flourished and so we are. We are one of the leading jeans manufacturers in India located at Delhi. We are specialized in whole range of jeans, from all possible color combos to metro, retro or custom designs.

We are one of the leading jeans suppliers in India approaching almost all the states of the country. The design and fit for our jeans are designed and finalized by our innovative team packed with visualization. If you are a customer and are in search of wholesale jeans suppliers, we assure you, your search ends here. The denim we use is of finest quality in terms of its look, feel and durability. You can place your order either online or by means of direct contact. We display all our latest creations online so that you could have a look what we do for you. However, it would be nice if you make direct contact with us so that we could assist you by means of displaying samples as well. In monetary terms, our denim jeans price is very competitive as far as quality is concerned.We also deal in branded jeans at lowest price so we can deal for those also. Our workshop is well equipped by all the modern machinery of need. The thread, rivets, zips, buttons, tags and accessories we use are of premium quality. Our trading process is quite flexible and conducive to our clients. We deal 24X7 online. Our portal is designed as per the need of the needy. Besides, if you have more queries, feel free to contact us. We are here to assist you.

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