The state at the heart of India is Madhya Pradesh. It is a centrally located state of India surrounded by Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh states. The state has long history of rulers and dynasties and also has lots of evidences of pre historic man in the region. The official language of state is although Hindi; various other languages like Guajarati and Marathi and also lots of tribal languages are spoken in the state. Due to the influence of various rules and cultures, the present Madhya Pradesh represents a colorful combination of various cultures make it unique among the Indian state.

Like other states, Madhya Pradesh is also on its way to progress and present development indicates the promising future to the inhabitants here. There are various industries under development and textile industry is one of them. Jeans like other states is on great demand here and people are spending much more on the product. There are many jeans manufacturers in Madhya Pradesh who are dependent over the denim manufacturers of the state. The denim here although of good quality but the manufacturing of jeans is a delicate business. Stitching itself doesn’t prove to be a good jeans. The understanding of the taste and comfort of a customer is the pre requisite of the business.

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