Rajasthan is the land of royal kings in the Indian history. There are numerous stories of royals of Rajasthan, from Mughals to British raj. The land is full of historic monuments and is a great destination in terms of tourism. Hence, the state is in top priority among foreigners as a tourist spot. Rajasthan remains packed by tourists throughout the year and therefore has lots of touristic activities running throughout the year. Its royal hotels and trains like ‘palace on wheels’ are also itself an attraction for tourists. The state has some of the very renowned tourist destinations like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Pushkar, Ajmer, Mount Abu and its temples and palaces. The Thar Desert and Sāmbhar Lake also are visited by the tourists.

Rajasthan has its old tradition of beautiful clothes full of colors. Men and women of Rajasthan have their own way of clothing styles. With the modern advancement in the state, newer generation prefers to wear clothes of latest trends and jeans is one of them. There are many jeans manufacturers and suppliers in the state but denim of Delhi still has a great demand in the state. And we are one of the renowned jeans suppliers in Rajasthan.

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