Uttarakhand state was formed in the year 2000 after separation from Uttar Pradesh. It is mostly the hilly state surrounded by Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Himanchal Pradesh states and China and Nepal from outside. The state is widely known for its tourism. There are many tourists places located in the region; some notable are Mussoorie, Nainital, Kedarnath, Badrinath etc. the state is known for its fine weather and that’s why tourists from other places come here especially during summer when temperature in other parts of country remains high.

It is a newly formed state having industrial growth limits mainly around plain regions of the state, around foothills of Shivalik. Haridwar is a well-known pilgrimage destination from the long history. Other notable places like Dehradun, Mussoorie and Nainital have the large number of tourists visit throughout the year. People of Uttarakhand now are transferring from their traditional attire to new trends one of them undoubtedly is jeans. Jeans like other places is a daily use article in clothing. Due to state’s proximity to NCR, most of the denim jeans is supplied from Delhi. Delhi, especially tank road is the main jeans supplier in Uttarakhand.

The main market of jeans retailers in Uttarakhand is located mainly around plains region; Dehradun and Haldwani are notable of them. The hilly regions have the cold climate therefore people in these regions prefer warm clothes. Jeans is accepted as a good substitute for such clothes as it is warm and durable. Most of the jeans manufacturers in Uttarakhand are actually supplying their products from Delhi like us. We have quality conscious customers in the state who prefer our products over others. Like other states all our listed products are available in all the locations in the state.

Dehradun is very popular in fashion terms. People here especially youngsters prefer jeans as an essential element of their daily life. Our products have good response in the capital and we are expecting to sell our products further via our portal which is a good way of shopping for remote areas of hills. We are one of the proud jeans suppliers in Dehradun.

The state actually is divided into two divisions: Kumaon and Garhwal. Haldwani and Dehradun are gateways to hilly regions of these divisions. That’s why most of the business is controlled through these places, however, Rudrapur and Haridwar are also located in the plain region but these are more popular for their industrial and agricultural produce.

We have introduced our new portal for the customers of Uttarakhand as well. All our products are displayed hers along with their price. You can purchase your favorite products here and can use cart also for multiple purchases. Our product delivery system unlike other online sellers has higher penetration in the state which is assumed to be a big issue in the state due to hilly terrain. We provide money back guarantee on our products if you don’t get satisfied from our product or services. However we can assure you that you will get the best experience through our website.

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