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In the last two decades, the demand for the jeans has gradually increased and that is due to increase in purchasing power of a common Indian man plus the popularity it gained among various sectors of the society. In early 90’s there was although supply for the denim products but the demand was mainly restricted to limited youngsters. The jeans then was not very accepted symbol of fashion and the reasons are many. First, fashion is mostly adapted from films and the wardrobe of films then was limited to traditional patterns. Second, global trends today are mostly spread because of internet and internet then was a new comer and the world was not the real global. Third, Indian manufacturers were not producing much because of supply and demand rule.

Denim cloth is not the recent produce in India. It is being manufactured from mid eighty’s. After ninety’s there came a gradual demand of denim due to globalization and new fashion trends set among the people of India. As a result more and more cloth manufacturers participated, producing denim of various kinds. The real demand for the cloth started after the success of jeans. Today, almost all Indian brands are manufacturing jeans for all categories of people. And not just jeans, variety of products are manufactured by denim like, Pants, shirts, jackets, belts and even shoes.

Jeans is the most successful article of denim and therefore there are hundreds of jeans manufacturers in India. The varieties are also numerous from plain cotton made indigo dyed jeans to skinny lycra based pairs fits and suits for all. The manufacturers are also spread all over the country and are offering great quality jeans. We at xcess jeans are one of the fast growing brands of India supplying throughout the country.
We are one of the leading jeans manufacturing units in India producing some of the best articles in Indian market. We are using premium quality denim in our jeans that is proven to be highly durable against any kind of wear and tear. The other associated articles like buttons and zips etc. used in jeans manufacturing also are of the same quality. We are stationed at Delhi and supplying to all the states of the country.

There is a huge market of jeans in India. Most of the foreign brands have well reputed history so they don’t need much publicity for their products. People trust them because these brands retain their brand value by selling denim products without compromising quality. We too are following the same trend and are vowed to manufacture only premium quality products. You can come to our office for live quality check and if you are satisfied from our products, you can contact us from all means of communication plus this portal designed as per the need of all kinds of customers- from a retail buyer to a wholesaler. We offer huge discounts on our sales and offer lucrative offers as well. We are one of the leading jeans manufacturers and suppliers in India.

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