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We all know; Denim Jeans is coarse cotton apparel which was introduced to be worn during rough jobs in the beginning but was never thought to be used as a regular garment. Prior to denim jeans manufacturing; fine cotton yarns were used for manufacturing clothes and the thick heavy cloth was basically used to manufacture other products like tents etc. It was Jacob Davis, who first used heavy cotton duck and later cotton denim to manufacture those jeans. The product was a success since its invention and demand for such product raised with time. Davis was unable to meet that much demand and therefore contacted Levi Strauss; his supplier of cotton denim. Together they patented the product and this way denim jeans invented.


At the beginning, when I got acquainted with the product, I thought it only suitable to wear during winters because of its appearance. It was heavy and assumed to be felt warm during winters. But later when became familiar with my jeans, I found they are equally comfortable in summers and the reason I felt was its cotton base. Cotton is skin friendly and a good absorbent too. So if you are sweating; jeans helps you to absorb it. One more feature of this coarse cotton is an excellent ventilation property. Synthetic clothes under such circumstances usually have sticky property and poor ventilation. Traditionally denim jeans is dyed by indigo; a natural dye; again a skin friendly compound. In all circumstances I found denim a best choice.

Coarse cotton dungarees or overalls were worn from long time by Indian laborers and indigo is also being cultivated in the country from ages. The product was thus somehow familiar to India; not in that much stylized manner that is now known as denim jeans. So when jeans came back in new Avatar; Indian cloth manufacturers welcomed it and presented a new fashion trend to Indian people. The young working class of Indian cities who usually had a challenge to take care of their clothes, found jeans just the right product for their fast lifestyle due to the fact that jeans requires less care and can be worn again and again without frequent washing  and adopted this new product with a big welcome. Almost quarter century has been passed then and Indian jeans manufacturing has gained new heights. Lots of Indian denim startups are respected brands now and are appreciated by lots of jeans lovers.

India has a long history of textiles.From the British era, Indian textiles are manufacturing finest quality cloth, especially cotton. India is rich in cotton farming and the western part of the country is producing best quality cotton. So when, there raised the global demand for denim, it was capable enough to produce good quality denim. Today India is the second largest denim manufacturing country in the world. And not just for exports; India having one of the biggest markets with 1.3 billion populations; has a huge market for denim jeans. We, the Xcess Jeans; are one of the prominent jeans manufacturer in the country and are continuing the production of such an all-weather product- the denim jeans.