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Jammu and Kashmir is northern state of India and is one of the most beautiful states in Indian territory; people sometimes call it heaven on earth. The land is gifted by meadows, jungles of conifers, lakes and snow peaked mountains and is known for its cool weather. Numbers of national as well as international tourists visit the state to inhale its fresh air and rejuvenating themselves. There is a great scope for adventurous sports in the state and also has hundreds of breath taking spots suitable for movie productions.

xcessDuring 60’s and 70’s, state was well reputed for film production and multiple hits from Bollywood were shot in the state. Later, the state got doomed by the strong hand of terrorism that made the drastic impact over the state’s growth. The condition remained same for multiple decades. Now state seems to be part of the main stream of the country and inhaling again the air of peace during last few years and therefore resulting gradual growth. Economy of the state is also indicating positive responses and the traders of the state are showing good interest over making business with other states.

Clothing industry especially woolen of the state has good reputation. Shawls of various woolen types are known from the state. Due to cool weather, warm clothes are more demanding than other ones. Jeans is a good substitute for warm clothes as it is warm and is fashionable as well. Clothes sellers of the states are importing jeans of all kinds from other state out of which Delhi NCR is their primary choice. We are one of the proud jeans suppliers in Jammu and Kashmir. Our clients are the well-known sellers in the state who have trust over our quality and are making good business with us. They trust the quality we offer and are quite satisfied by the sales and services of ours. We sell best quality denim products made from best quality cotton of the country.

There are multiple jeans wholesalers in Jammu and Kashmir but the quality and price we offer is unmatched. You are free to compare our products with our competitors. The trust we have, in our products is due to quality we produce and the prices we quote are best as far as jeans market of India is concerned. We have a high tech manufacturing unit here in Delhi with latest machines who are capable to manufacture even such articles those have the toughest stitching process. Our cloth is of premium quality purchased from the leading cloth manufacturers. Our dyes and other coloring inputs are totally skin friendly and have a strict quality control for regular inspection. Our other inputs like zips, buttons etc. are manufactured from quality material and electroplating over it stays as long as the base material.

Unlike other Jeans Manufacturers in Jammu & Kashmir, our business practices are very much conducive to our clients. We have a well-structured transaction system and mouthwatering schemes for our clients specially bulk buyers. Our transporters are well trusted and have a promising position in the market. So we welcome you to our business.