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India has a long history of cotton cultivation. Western states of the country are the biggest producers of this precious crop. During the early phases of cloth manufacturing, fine quality yarn production was the main objective of the industry. Coarse yarn was spun for inferior quality cloth because it needs less labor. Also, for such a thick cloth, poor quality cotton was used. The trend changed when denim introduced.

Mine workers in US had tough job of excavation that need real durable clothes. And therefore jeans came into existence out of denim. Denim is manufactured by cotton yarn, very thick and tough, yet soft, durable and comfortable. Due to these pros, dyed denim jeans came into clothing.

Jeans was first introduced by Levi Strauss, an American company in 1871 for laborers and mine workers. In a very short span of time, it became very popular among all. The product although was designed for working class involved in physical jobs, it became equally popular among other classes as well. It became symbol of toughness and manhood.

The main feature of jeans is its durability. Other products are not as tough as denim. In spite of its toughness, the feel and comfort of denim is unmatched. A regular cloth doesn’t retain its shape and finish after a whole day use. It has much more tearing issuesif it is worn during laborious work. Denim jeans is perfect for such occasions. One need not even to iron his jeans pair. Due to its less caring requirement, it is one of the favorite articles among all.

India is although manufacturing cotton from the long past, denim is the latest article in the segment. Denim in India although is manufactured from more than twenty years, it is much more popular in last ten to fifteen years we can say. This cloth is used to manufacture various articles but jeans is so popular that denim and jeans seems to be synonym words. And why shall it not be popular in the Indian continent if it is the perfect article in the weather conditions of Indian continent.

Xcess jeans is manufacturing fine quality denim jeans from last few years. Our products are very popular in all parts of India. We are headquartered at Delhi and manufacturing latest trend jeans of superior quality. We have clients from all over India who are selling our brand in various parts of the country and the responses are quite positive. The credit goes to the quality of our product. We are dedicated to use only fine quality denim in our products. And therefore our inputs are only taken from the renowned denim makers in the region. Not just denim, we also use best quality accessories in our products. Our manufacturing unit has latest stitching machines capable to produce most difficult stitched curves that can only be possible by well-crafted hands in other cases. We are also thankful to our business team that is very professional and focused to their job.  So If u Want Start Your Own Brand Clothing Business with Xcess Jeans.. We welcome you to Xcess jeans .