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Clothing is a unique feature of human beings and is one of the basic needs of humans after food and shelter. We humans as a social living being in the planet decided to live in a more modest way and therefore chose to wear clothes however all this started from the attempt to protect our body from extreme weather conditions of heat and cold.This began during pre-historic age when humans found various things that can be worn to protect their body.They used various things to wear and may be leaves, barks and animal skins were the primary materials. With time, humans became more civilized and the glimpses of civilization also expressed by means of clothing. Day by day cloth manufacturing became more refined and various kinds of raw materials were tried for the purpose.

Humans firstly used parts of plants and animal skin to cover their body because they can be used directly. Later somehow theybecame familiar with the cloth manufacturing process although that was not that much refined as we see nowadays. Humans found that plants and animal fibers can be used to manufacture cloth if arranged in a proper manner.And thus they developed two kinds of manufacturing process; one was the felt cloth manufacturing and other was obtained through spinning process. In the first process fibers are arranged in layers and with the help of pressure mechanism, these fibers are interlocked and thus a coarse cloth is obtained. Second process is more refined one, where fine fibers are intertwined to make threads of it and later these threads are interweaved thus obtained fine quality cloth some of the prominent examples are cotton and silk. Animal skin remained used by humans on other hand but in more refined manner by means of conditioning and stitching it in various ways. Nowadays leather and skin materials are mostly used to manufacture those articles which require more durability and strength.

Denim is a kind of coarse cotton cloth initially which was used because of its durability. Such cotton was not used in mainstream clothing and fashion. The credit for bringing it to mainstream fashion goes to western cloth manufacturers. It was initially used as a garment due to its durability but became so popular that it soon became the part of regular clothing. Due to its popularity many textile industries started manufacturing this product and it soon became favorite clothing especially among youngsters. The credit also goes to western filmmakers for making it popular whoadopted this product fortheir wardrobe.

Denim jeans initially,was assumed to be a way of expressing dislikes towards orthodox thinking and therefore was worn mainly by youngsters however it also depicted a masculine or manhood or tough guy kind of personality. Later it became also popular among women and different fashion trends are so far adopted by fashion industry using this material. But one thing for sure; denim is undoubtedly a very comfortable article against its texture and looks. It is very durable and requires very less care.