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newAhmedabad is one of the leading industrial cities of Gujarat. It is so popular that people sometimes confused it as the capital of the state. The well known Sabarmati River runs through the heart of the city. The city is one of the leading cotton producers’ hub in the region from the days of kings. It is under Modi’s government chosen as one of the hundred cities to be developed as smart city in the country.

The history of the city dates back to the days of rulers when Ahmedabad was an important trading destination in the west, especially for cotton market. Later when Mughals became the rulers of the region; reconstructed the city and established it as a new trading market. Later for centuries, it became a favourite place among traders. In last two decades after privatization in the country, the city has shown a huge growth in all the segments and presently it is the most developed city of Gujarat.

The weather here remains hot throughout the year, a mild fall of temperature during winters. The city can be visited any time throughout the year. There are many lakes and gardens present in the city one can get enjoyed visiting these lovely locations especially during evening.

Gujarat is well known for businessmen and businesses and if we say that it is the land of business, this would not be considered as an exaggeration. World knows that people of Gujarat are most skilled businessmen in the region. Many renowned business houses of India are established by Gujaratis and their contribution to the Indian economy cannot be matched with any other clan of the country. Ahmedabad is the economic capital of Gujarat therefore most of the trading practices of Gujarat are run through the city. Because the city is home to the trading practices from long history, especially cotton; there is a great scope for jeans manufacturing. And not only manufacturing, modern Ahmedabad is accepting quality jeans from all regions of the country as an essential cloth for daily use.